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United Jewish People’s Order

Welcome to UJPO

The United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO) is a non-partisan, independent, socialist-oriented, secular cultural and educational organization with branches in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, and members in Montreal and other Canadian centres.


In Canada

Our organization supports racial, economic and environmental  justice. We encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, and sexual and gender identities who support our aims and purposes to join us and participate in our activities. We continue to support the continuity and strengthening of Canada’s social safety net, universal health care and education, affordable child care and adequate housing. The UJPO supports a strong, democratic federal government with recognition of Quebec’s national aspirations and self-rule for Indigenous peoples.

As a national organization we are affiliated to: Canadian Peace Alliance,  Congress of Secular Jewish OrganizationsInternational Federation of Secular and Humanistic Judaism, and the International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism.


Around the World

Mindful of the deteriorating health of the environment at local, national, and global levels, we support efforts to reverse climate change and to prevent further regression. Our organization views “globalization” of the economy as a threat to employment, labour standards, national autonomy, and the quality of life in Canada and throughout the world. We support universal human rights – the right to food, housing and secure employment.


We support a negotiated agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, which would mutually determine the sharing of the land and in which both peoples would live peacefully, securely and prosperously.

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