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UJPO-Canada Statement on the
Islamophobic Attacks in Aotearoa/New Zealand

March 17, 2019

The United Jewish People’s Order-Canada denounces, unequivocally, the Islamophobic attack that took the lives of 51 innocent worshipers in two Christchurch Mosques on March 15, 2019. We send our heartfelt condolences to their families. Our sympathy also goes out to the families of the 36 injured for whom we wish a speedy and full recovery. We have historically and unambiguously been opposed to all forms of bigotry and racism including, but not limited to, anti-Semitism, Fascism, Islamophobia, misogyny, anti-feminism and white supremacy which increasingly is present, unexpurgated, in social media.

We reject those social media platforms, which, under the guise of “free speech” allow the uncritical current spread of Islamophobia and we reject those political leaders whose expressions of concern purposefully omit recognition of the specific form of racism. When Islamophobia is not addressed directly by government officials, it must be understood as support for this vile discrimination.

We cannot be idle in the face of the blatant and growing rhetoric of hate and the rise of the extreme right around the globe. More importantly, we call on journalists and politicians to cease calling such actors “lone gunmen” and to recognize these horrific deeds as acts of terrorism. We send solidarity and love to our Muslim comrades of all genders the world over. The struggles of Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, Muslim, Jewish, Queer and Trans peoples are linked. We pledge to support Muslims in the face of these growing threats and to confront Islamophobia and all forms of racism wherever it arises. We call upon all people of conscience to join together in this struggle.

As Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel stated, “The act of terrorism is designed to cause terror and the only way that we can combat that force is to join together and to care for each other across...every line that you can imagine that we divide ourselves by. We’ve got to make this unite us, not divide us.”

United Jewish People’s Order National Board

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